Saturday, October 19, 2013


General Shortcuts:

Windows Key + Up – Maximize current window
Windows Key + Down – Restore window or minimize
Windows Key + Left – Arrange Window to left half of screen
Windows Key + Right – Arrange Window to right half of screen
Windows Key + Space Bar – Makes all Windows transparent to see desktop
Windows Key + Pause/Break – Open System properties
Windows Key + Tab – Flips all active Windows to make selection easy
Windows Key + G – Bring all gadgets to front
Ctrl + Click – If any application has more than one window, click on taskbar cycles through all windows
Ctrl + Shift + N – Create new folder

Following shortcuts are for Windows Explorer (Some Work on Internet Browsers too):

Alt + Left – Go back
Alt + Right – Go forward
Alt + Enter – Open properties of selected folder
Alt + Esc – Cycle through all active Windows
Alt + D – Focus on address bar
Alt + P – Show/Hide preview panel
Ctrl + N – New Window
Ctrl + Mouse wheel – Change icon view type (Small ,List ,detail etc.)
Ctrl + Tab – Cycle through active tabs of internet browser
Ctrl + Shift + Tab – Cycle through active tabs of internet browser (backward)
Backspace – Go backward

Following Shortcuts Work on taskbar:

Shift + Click on app icon – Open New window of the app
Middle click on app icon – Open new Window of the app
Ctrl + Shift + Click – Open new Window of app as administrator

 Hope this make you work faster than a super computer.
Hope sooo!!!!!