Saturday, October 12, 2013

Use two facebook account at the same time on the same browser!!!!!

Hi friends, if you are searching for a trick to login into facebook with two different account at same time in same browser without the help of any software or extension then you are on absolultely right post. We'll tell you how can you do it. Here are some simple steps just read and follow then carefully.

First of all  you must have two facebook accounts.


Now open google chrome and then open facebook in it and login your first account


Now press CTRL+SHIFT+N from your keyboard which will open incognito window

Now again open and login your second account.
That's it


1. You have to login again and again whenever you'll open incognito, because while using incognito, google chrome do not save any history , cookies or username or password.
2. You can login two accounts of any website at same time in same browser using this trick.
3. You can also use this trick in firefox by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+P