Sunday, October 6, 2013


Guysss again i am back with an awesome trick for you.
Think how will it feel like when you use your android device as your  mouse and keyboard!!!!
So here the step begins
STEP 1:-First of all download these three files

RemoteDroid.apk (Install It On Phone) (Install it on pc)
Java SE Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher  (Install it on pc)

STEP 2:-Now install .apk file on your android phone and install Java SE Runtime Environment on your PC to open .jar file which is in .zip file. (You will get .jar file after unzipping the .zip file)

STEP 3:-Now connect your phone to WiFi [Please note that your PC/Laptop and android phone should be on same WiFi connection, means which internet you are using on your computer that should be used on your android phone]

STEP 4:--Now open the .jar file [which i mentioned in step 1] on your PC using step 2
STEP 5:-Now when you’ll open the .jar file, then an IP will be there on your computer screen as shown in below screen.

STEP 6:-Now open app on your android phone which you downloaded in step 1.

STEP 5:-Now insert the IP from your computer screen to App and click on Connect.

Thats it Buddy enjoy nd have fun!!!!