Tuesday, October 15, 2013



With almost a billion users the tricks and tips have become increasing stronger thanks to the thousands of developers and Facebook users like you who spread these tricks and tips quickly across your network. Here is my top 10.

1. Become invisible to some contacts

From the advanced settings of Facebook chat (for access to click on the gear in the lower right corner on the chat) you can choose to activate the chat only for certain users or lists and then be disconnected for everyone else.
2. Reposition photos on your timeline

                                      facebook reposition photo
With the introduction of the timeline came a large focus for Facebook as they've given more importance to photos. They occupy large spaces in the timeline and you can reposition the photo previews for a stronger timeline composition.
Move the cursor over one of your timeline photos and in the upper right click on the pencil, choose "Reposition Photo..."
You can now move the photo by dragging it with the mouse and selected the best photo placement to display that photo. Finally, Save the image.
3. Add photos to the map

Facebook's timeline included a map where you can add the pictures to the places visited. Visit your profile, go to the map by clicking on the box under the cover image. Finally, click on the top "Add photos to map" and in so doing you will have a nice and clear picture of all the places you've visited.
4. Hide apps notifications

Visiting your account settings, you'll see the notifications ( direct link ) button where you can browse then find the applications that are allowed to notify you with pop ups. From here you can choose to turn off notifications for any unwanted application.
5. Add high-quality pictures

facebook hi resolution photo upload 
When you publish photos be sure to select the high resolution box. This way, the photos will be beautiful and receive more likes, comments and shares.
                          facebook hi resolution photo upload
6. Use the "Display as" to understand how your friends see your timeline

What do your your friends see when they arrive on your timeline? Each of them could see your timeline in a different way, it all depends on your privacy settings. To see how your friend (or a friend) sees your timeline click on the gear under your cover image and choose "View As ...".
7. Download your entire history from Facebook


On Facebook, you can request and download a backup of all your data. This includes status updates, friends, photos, links and daily news etc.. Facebook now offers a new file that adds additional information to the extended history.
8. Forward conversations

To share a conversation on Facebook you do not need to copy and paste. Facebook has made available, on any conversation, the ability to forwarding messages. Just open the message page, select the conversation and click on the "Actions" menu and select "Forward".
9. Disable chat

If you're tired of seeing all the chat windows that open (with friends that greet you) as soon as you go on Facebook, turn Facebook chat off and turn it on only when you need it.
To turn off chat click on the gear in the lower right corner on the chat box and choose "Turn off Chat." You can activate it at any time by clicking on the toothed wheel, also you can even open any conversation with a friend and click "Enable chat".
                       turn off chat facebook
10. Use Facebook to create a business card
                         Making a facebook business card

Making a facebook business card 
Would you like to have a business card with the style of the timeline? The service is offered by an application partnership with Facebook.
You can create your business cards in two ways. The first is to change the display language to English (U.S. English), visit the profile page and go to the "About" tab (personal information), go down to the the contact card and click on the icon you see in the image.
Alternatively, you can visit the official site and use the application without having to change any display language.
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