Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hey friends, very person working on computer might have faced problem of crashing apps sometime. Well, we can`t solve the program bug but we have an idea. How if your crashed program
is started automatically without any effort? It`s easy and fast. Here are the steps:

Download Restart ME from here and install it.


Now launch it, Note if you have Windows Vista/7/8 You will get an error Click Continue.
Don`t worry, the solution is there,just do the following:

First of all add Take Ownership Option from this post.
Now, go to C:\Program Files and Right Click on Folder named ReStartMe and select Take Ownership.

Now, that should not be an issue.

In the Program screen, Click Add Process (Circled in picture), A Dialog will come up. Select the Process

Click on Add and it`s done. Now, if your App is even accidentally closed, will be restarted automatically.