Sunday, October 6, 2013

How To Convert Non Touch Screen Into Touch Screen

Friends I know When You Will Read The Tittle You will Think that I am Joking But This Came True With A new hardware made By The Indian Company [ Jeswill HiTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.] . The Named This Device E Touch pen. Through This Hardware You Can Make Touch Screen Into Touch Screen.

This Company Just Developed This Product because Recently The New Windows 8 Released Which is Very Popular. This Version Works With A Touch Screen And Without Touch Screen. But if You Buy A Touch Screen Display It will Cost Approx. 10000 Rs.  This This Company Is Offering a kit In Just Rs 5000 Rs. And This Is Very Lite In Weight. Yhe Full Specification and Demo Of The product  Are Given below.

What Is E-Touch Pen ?

E-Touch Pen is a device who uses Ultrasound and Infrared technologies, consists of ultrasonic digital stylus and a small receiving unit. This device is designed specially for Windows 8 and it
enables all non-touch Laptop screen with touch features.

What Are Components Of E-Touch Pen ?

The E-touch pen kit Only comes With three components which are giving below:-
 This Is A Cordless electronic pen (Including special refill and batteries).


This Is A Detachable base unit To Attache At Pc Or Laptop Screen

This Is a USB cable connection to PC Or Laptop.